Applied Chemistry In Medicinal Science

Environmental organic chemistry focus the factors on environment that govern organic chemicals in nature and engineered systems. The research that is made is then applied to assess the environmental behaviour of organic chemicals. This includes organic behaviour of compounds like partitioning of gas and solids, bio accumulating and transformations in the atmosphere. The research also includes the areas of toxicology in the recent trends. Analysis of volatile and semi volatile compounds in the environment is also a trending research going on all around, which are diverse group of carbon based chemical that are present in biofluids and can at times serve as potential bio makers.
Probes of Applied Science
Analysis of Semi and Volatile Compounds
Chemical Life Science
Environment Toxicology

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Organic Chemistry 2019 will focus on “Emerging Trends in Organic Chemistry and Probes in Drug Research ”. It is an extraordinary event designed for International Chemist researchers, Organic Chemistry researchers and other scientific professionals to facilitate the dissemination and application of research findings and recent discoveries related to organic chemistry for better Knowledge.
Conference majorly focusing on the following topics and sessions: ·Unrecognised classes of biosynthetic enzymes - xenovulene A ·Synthesis of benzylic amines…

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Organic Chemistry 2019 conference  welcomes all for the “4th International Congress on Organic Chemistry and Advanced Drug Research” which is going to be held during June 17-18, 2019 London, UK. visit:

Organic chemistry is the field of science which deals with the study of living things but not as biological study whereas it takes a look at what living things are composed of and how they are structured. It goes a step further to break down living things into atoms and molecules and it focuses mainly on carbon, which is the absolutely necessary to maintain life. Everything in day to day life is composed of hydrocarbons like plastics paints etc. Organic compounds are generally composed of long chains of covalent bonds. The chemistry of the compounds of carbon covers wide field wider than covered by any other element. There is a great demand for organic chemistry in plastics, fuel and pharmaceutical industries.  Life is a chemical process, in case of sickness, medici…

Enzyme’s movement may be key to new cancer drugs

Revealing all the steps required to activate an enzyme called a protein kinase may identify new ways to target cancer, according to new University of Arizona-led research.Motion is crucial for proper functioning of a kinase enzyme, scientists have found. Not only must the kinase have all needed parts in place, the enzyme must move in the correct manner and at the correct speed to function properly in a cell. Focusing on ways to impede the enzyme’s motion may be an avenue for developing new drugs to combat cancer and other diseases. To Know more head on to:

4th International Congress on Organic Chemistry and Advanced Drug Research

Organic Chemistry 2018 welcomes attendees, presenters, and exhibitors from all over the world to Philadelphia, USA. We are delighted to invite you all to attend and register for the “4th International Congress on Organic Chemistry and Advanced Drug Research” which is going to be held during September 24-25, 2018 Philadelphia, USA.

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Track4 #Chemical Pharmacology

Chemical pharmacology act as a bridge science within vatious science disciplines like bio chemistry, physiology, cell and molecular biology. This field is potential for the practical application of research that attracts people from various branches of science and at the same time it is flexible. It deals with the study how the drug acts where in the drugs are broadly classified as man made, natural or endogenous that is from within our body, which influence a either bio chemical or physiological effect on the cell, tissue or organ.

Track 3 #Organometallic Compounds

Organometlic compound is a member of class of a substance containing atleast one metal to carbon bond which involve a carbon being its part of the organic group. They play a major role in development of science of chemistry,  they are mainly used as a catalyst that is as a substance which increase the rate of reaction without themselves being consumed, and are also used as intermediates in industry. They are compounds that have metals in main group compounds or transisition metal compounds. The properties of the compounds depends on the carbon metal bonds involved.