Saturday, 27 October 2018

Medicinal Organic Chemistry

It is an interdisciplinary research field which incorporates different branches of hashtagchemistry and hashtagbiology for hashtagdrug_discovery. This includes making of new compounds, determining their effect on hashtagbiological process, altering the structure of the hashtagcompounds for optimizing the effect and minimizing the side effects for example discovery of hashtaganti_cancer drugs. Pure hashtagorganic compounds are the chief source of factor for the cure or prevention of hashtagdisease. It includes discovery of small molecule drug for various target sites by hashtagscreening and hashtagtargeted approach. Track -1 Applications of hashtagOrganic_Chemistry in Pharma Track -2 hashtagOrganic_Reactions and its Process Track -3 Advances in hashtagAnti-Cancer Drugs Track -4 Challenges in hashtagDetermination of Drugs Track -5 hashtagDrug_Drug Interactions


Thursday, 25 October 2018

Physical Organic Chemistry

#The experimental studies of #physical_chemistry to study the structure of #organic molecules and a theoritcal frame work is given in the field of #physical_organic_chemistry that tells about how structure influences both mechanism and rate of organic reactions. Experts in the field of physical organic chemistry use the theoretical and practical theories to estimate the structural change in solid or liquid state.

Tuesday, 23 October 2018

Happy Mole Day October 23rd

The mole is broadly utilized in science as a helpful method to express relative measures of reactants and results of substance responses. For instance, the synthetic condition 2 H2 + O2 → 2 H2O infers that 2 mol of dihydrogen (H2) and 1 mol of dioxygen (O2) respond to shape 2 mol of water (H2O). The mole may likewise be utilized to express the quantity of iotas, particles, or other rudimentary elements in a given example of any substance. The centralization of an answer is usually communicated by its molarity, characterized as the quantity of moles of the broke up substance per liter of arrangement. This takes me back to my long stretches of quantitative investigation in science lab in sentence structure school. I used to be OK with the investigations, however I generally figured out how to get stumbled up on the science toward the end. I knew my science in reverse, advances, and back to front – yet regardless I figured out how to make a straightforward blunder in count on the quantitative investigation in the last lab exam for ‘O’- level and fussed for multi month until the point that the outcomes were distributed. Emergency regarding. Indeed, even with one basic blunder in augmentation on one minor piece of the entire exam despite everything I got the most elevated stamp. Phew !!
The mole depends on Avogadro’s consistent, or, in other words × 1023 (in reality more like 6.02214085774×1023) and which is the quantity of particles (typically iotas or atoms) in one mole of substance. In the US composing style the present date is 10/23, so at 6:02 (the time I woke toward the beginning of today as it happens – late for me), we can state that we have approximated Avogadro’s steady (6:02 10/23) similarly that 10/6 (October 6 in US, 10 June in England) is Frantic Hatter’s Day, or 22/7 (22 July in England) is Pi Estimate Day. Semi-formally, Mole Day keeps running from 6:02 am to 6:02 pm.

Monday, 22 October 2018


Formulations is a process in which certain materials are added to drugs in order to obtain a suitable final product. The study of formulation involves preparation of drugs whic is stable and also acceptable to the patiens body conditions. Thus formulations are mixtures of pharamaceutically active ingriedients that are used for injectable dosage forms or also in oral drug forms. This also includes production of pharmaceutical intermediate production and symbolization of pharmacophore
  • Track 1 Production of Pharmaceutical Intermediate
  • Track 2 Pharmacophore Symbolization
  • Track 3 Methods of Drug Formulations

Saturday, 20 October 2018

Organometallic Compounds

Organometlic compound is a member of class of a substance containing atleast one metal to carbon bond which involve a carbon being its part of the organic group. They play a major role in development of science of chemistry,  they are mainly used as a catalyst that is as a substance which increase the rate of reaction without themselves being consumed, and are also used as intermediates in industry. They are compounds that have metals in main group compounds or transisition metal compounds. The properties of the compounds depends on the carbon metal bonds involved.

  • Reactions in Organo Metallic Reagents
  • Hydro Formulations of Organic Reactants
  • Hydro Functionalisation
  • Organo Catalytic Reactions - Applications

Thursday, 18 October 2018

Rational drug design

Rational drug design is a process in which new medications are found based on the knowledge of biological target site. It involves designing of smaller molecules that are complementary in shape and are charged to the the targeted site. Instead of following traditional methods of drug discovery, which more often rely on trial and error methods do testing chemicals, rational drug design involves modulation of a specific biological target that have a therapeutic value.
1 Drugs and its Constituents
2 Fatty acids and metabolism
3 Structural Drug Design and its Discovery

Medicinal Organic Chemistry

It is an interdisciplinary research field which incorporates different branches of hashtag # chemistry and hashtag # biology for hashtag ...