Saturday, 11 August 2018

Organic Industrial Chemistry

Organic Industrial Chemistry is branch of chemistry which deals with the applications of organic raw materials towards the transformation into products that are of benifits to the industries such as food products, pharmaceuticals, petroleum, pigments and paints , soaps and detergents and cosmetic products.

This act as a bridge between laboratory chemistry and large scale reactions in industries. In addition this also involves process selectivity of organic compounds, waste management and product purification.
Quality Control of Crude Drug Materials
Petroleum and Petrochemicals Distillations
Assay Values of Crudes and its Reconfigurations
Organic Chemistry and its Clinical Diagnostics Techniques in Industries
Industrial pharmaceutics
Industrial pharmaceutics

Thursday, 9 August 2018

Advanced Research in Environmental Organic Chemistry

Environmental organic chemistry focus the factors on environment that govern organic chemicals in nature and engineered systems.

The research that is made is then applied to assess the environmental behaviour of organic chemicals. This includes organic behaviour of compounds like partitioning of gas and solids, bio accumulating and transformations in the atmosphere. The research also includes the areas of toxicology in the recent trends. Analysis of volatile and semi volatile compounds in the environment is also a trending research going on all around, which are diverse group of carbon based chemical that are present in biofluids and can at times serve as potential bio makers.

1 Probes of Applied Science
2 Analysis of Semi and Volatile Compounds
3 Chemical Life Science
4 Environment Toxicology

Tuesday, 7 August 2018

Nano Particles in Organic Chemistry

Many fundamental studies and technology applications require nano particles with uniform size and shapes and there is a need for novel chemistries for nano particles synthesies, purifications, and synthetic modifications.
Organic nano particles can be synthesiesd using variety of methods, this usually come as dispersion in varioys hosts materials such as glass, liquid solvents. The synthesis of nano particle require a deep understanding of nucleation and growth processes that have higly active growth in research areas of materials characterization and modelling.
Track 1 Synthesis and Characterisation of Nano Particles
Track 2 Soft and Hybrid Nano Materials
Track 3 Applications of Nano Structures in 2 Dimensional
Track 4 Application of Nano Particle in Drugs

Monday, 6 August 2018

Scientists study the effects drugs have on the brain and behavior. They use this information to develop programs for preventing drug use and for helping people recover from addiction.

The delivery of drug at right time to right target is an essential requirement for treatment of cancer. The advances in understanding the molecular biology of cancer and novel drug delivery systems have satisfied these requirements. The newer approaches do not only supplement the conventional chemotherapy and radiotherapy but also aim to prevent the drug resistance. The proposed review focuses light on novel formulation strategies like microemulsions, nanoemulsions, microspheres, liposomes and device strategies like inhalation devices, blunt needle injection for cancer.  The drugs are delivered to the entire body via the blood circulation and only a small proportion of the total dose reaches the site where it is required  The high doses often required to achieve the requisite therapeutic effect at the site of action has the potential to cause toxic side effects  Acquisition of Multi Drug Resistance  Rapid clearance by Reticuloendothelial system  Hydrophobicity of the anticancer drugs All the above problems can be overcome by advanced drug delivery systems which are clas-sified as under :  Formulation based approach

Saturday, 4 August 2018

Catalysis in Organic Chemistry

Catalysis means increase in the rate of chemical reaction because of the participation of the additional substance called catalyst, with the help of catalyst reaction occur faster and with less energy.
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This is done by promoting proper orientation between reacting particles. In the field of bio chemistry these are known as enzymes.They are mainly divided as homogeneous catalysis, heterogeneous catalysis, enzymatic catalysis. Catalysis in organic chemistry impacts the environment by increasing the efficiency of industrial process such as in green chemistry by pollution controls, avoiding toxic substances.

Friday, 3 August 2018

Comprehensible observation of the biochemical reaction that permit us to see

Biochemical molecules are so complex that it would require far too much computer power to realistically predict how their molecular structures come to fold in a particular way — and thus acquire their functionalities — after reactions sparked by photon impacts. Instead, physicists use simpler, approximate models to understand the effects of incoming photons on the microscopic components of complex molecules.
What makes it possible for our eyes to see? It stems from a reaction that occurs when photons come into contact with a protein in our eyes, called rhodopsin, which adsorbs the photons making up light. 
The incoming photon triggers certain reactions, which can result, over time, in dramatic changes in the properties of the molecule itself.

Thursday, 2 August 2018

Translate your research on Medicinal_Chemistry at Organic Chemistry 2019, london, UK.Discuss more at chemistry focused on the areas such asMedicinal_Organic_Chemistry, Synthetic_Medicinal_chemistry, Anticancer Agents in Medicinal chemistry, Medicinal #Biochemistry, #Medicinal Chemical Research, Medicinal Companies and Market Analysis, Applied Medicinal chemistry, Bioorganic Chemistry, Chemical Pharmacology, Chemical Biology of Molecules, Anti-Allergic, Anti-Infective Agents in Medicinal chemistry It is an interdisciplinary research field which incorporates differten branches of chemistry and biology for drug discovery. This includes making of new compounds, determining their effect on biological process, altering the structure of the compounds for optimizing the effect and minimizing the side effects for example discovery of anti cancer drugs. Pure organic compounds are the chief source of factor for the cure or prevention of disease. It includes discovery of small molecule drug for various target sites by screening and targetted approach.
  • Applications of Organic Chemistry in Pharma
  • Organic Reactions and its Process
  • Advances in Anti-Cancer Drugs
  • Challenges in Determination of Drugs
  • Drug- Drug Interactions

Medicinal Organic Chemistry

It is an interdisciplinary research field which incorporates different branches of hashtag # chemistry and hashtag # biology for hashtag ...