Thursday, 12 July 2018

Call for Abstract

Organic Chemistry 2019 conference  welcomes all for the “4th International Congress on Organic Chemistry and Advanced Drug Research” which is going to be held during June 17-18, 2019 London, UK. visit:

Organic chemistry is the field of science which deals with the study of living things but not as biological study whereas it takes a look at what living things are composed of and how they are structured. It goes a step further to break down living things into atoms and molecules and it focuses mainly on carbon, which is the absolutely necessary to maintain life. Everything in day to day life is composed of hydrocarbons like plastics paints etc. Organic compounds are generally composed of long chains of covalent bonds. The chemistry of the compounds of carbon covers wide field wider than covered by any other element. There is a great demand for organic chemistry in plastics, fuel and pharmaceutical industries.  Life is a chemical process, in case of sickness, medicines are used to make us normal. There are several synthetic and natural drug that chemist has given to medicine. Several top tier companies are looking forward for novel research in advancement of drug research. More advanced research is essential in drug discovery, production technique, action of drugs, clinical trials of drugs and it is of at most important to understand them all before being recommended to the world market globally. 

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